Interview: What can you do with $1?

In this fast-changing world, it seems to be an existential question to ask: What can you do with $1? Let’s do a quick interview with the residents of Shironeko’s house!

  1. Tora: Stop asking! Do you see my dinner? That’s $1. I have no idea how I could live until now.

tora and fried fish.jpg

2. Tora: The food runs out again, should I sit here in the bowl or just eat myself?

tora in green bowl.jpg

3. Shiro: Sorry, can’t answer you! I’m being a radish don’t you see?

shiro the basket cat.jpg

4. Shiro: No, stop asking what I’ve done with my $1! Stop following me! Okay, I bought this wheel. Don’t you think she’s so beautiful? I want to marry her.

shiro climbing on wheel.jpg

5. Tora: Now I have to buy dinner for that idiot too. No more fish, only fried pawtatoes and noodles tonight!

tora and shiro wearing McDonald fries box

shiro and tora wearing noodle boxes

6. Chibi-side & Chibi-bang: You say what? $1? No, sorry, we’re hippies, we only eat flowers to live and don’t care about money.

chibi-side and chibi-band wearing flowers.jpg

7. Or little oranges can save the day too.

shironeko family.jpg

8. Or we’ll buy a box and fit everyone in.

shironeko family in a box.jpg

How about you? What can you (or your cat) do with $1? Share with us your story!

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