Shiro & Tora: 9 times that BFF is the real BAE

The mark of a true BFF is that you’re basically in a relationship. There is nothing and no one that can come between the two of you, so you’re significant others basically have to understand that. But honestly, who even needs a boyfriend when you have a best friend? After all, everyone knows that your BFF is basically the real bae.

  1. They’ll never let you do stupid things alone.tora and shiro.jpg
  2. Pretty or ugly, they’ll stay with you.tora and shiro with flowers.jpg
  3. They always get your backI got your back, Shiro
  4. Sharing is caringtora and shiro in a box.jpg
  5. When things can’t be shared, there will be taking turn. Nobody is left out.shiro and tora on chair.jpg
  6. You two are equal, no matter what.tora and shiro balancing corn
  7. You spend most of the time togethertora and shiro sleeping.jpg
  8. Yes, most of the time togethertora sleeping on shiro.jpg
  9. If anyone could take over the world, it would be the two of you.tora and shiro on snow.jpg

How about you? Share with your BFF and tell us what you think!!

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